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Oh yes, our new animation is finally here. Walter and Axel worked hard on this one. Photoshop backgrounds are probably not a very good idea for future animations. It took alot of time and the result was ... meh.

We plan release animations more often now. The plan is that Walter and Axel(the animators) will always work on one big animation. While they work on this "big" animation they'll have their own smaller animations to work on as well.

Yeh, pretteh schmart huh? Well, we're probably going to fail this plan... but if we don't, I think it's gonna be a touchdowngoalholeinone.

Anyways, hope you guys liked "Camel? Yes!"

/Walter of ThunderHumor

New animation and more animations!

What is ThunderHumor?

2010-08-12 12:47:10 by ThunderHumor

Well, we are a couple of Swedish gentlemen that enjoys writing, acting and animating.

We are planning to release at least one animation every other month and as we, hopefully, grow more popular we'll release more often. If we have the time.

Right now there are two test animations and one real deal. Hope you like them!

We're always eager to hear what you think, especially about the voice acting. Because of our Swedishness it's a bit harder for us to voice act. But we'll do our best.

Over and out.